• ・Please note that Konnyaku Batake and Lala Crush are intended for consumption in Japan.
  • ・Konnyaku Batake and Lala Crush are not sold or exported overseas.
  • ・Konnyaku Batake, when consumed, may get stuck in the throats of a small children or aged people because of their weak chewing power and this product's elasticity.

About Mannanlife Products

A natural and delicious laxative

  • Mannanlife develops and manufactures a variety of flavorful konnyaku products that make traditional Japanese konnyaku easier to eat and more enjoyable.
  • A traditional Japanese food substance, konnyaku is rich in dietary fiber and virtually calorie-free. Mannanlife has long produced dessert products based on glucomannan, one of konnyaku’s main ingredients.
  • Known for their unique texture and appealing flavors, our products have enjoyed broad popularity in Japan for years.

Konnyaku Batake

Flavored with fruit juices and made from konnyaku.
Known for its springy konnyaku texture, it’s been a best-selling product for a long time.

Crushed Konnyaku Batake

Combining crushed Konnyaku Batake with fruit juice jelly, this dessert comes packed in a pouch.
It’s easy to carry around and makes the perfect convenient snack for any time.

Lala Crush

Featuring crushed Konnyaku Batake surrounded in fruit juice jelly, this dessert features a new and distinct texture.
The product offers a contrast of two great textures: soft jelly and generous chunks of konnyaku.